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Korb is a sound healer, Hatha yoga teacher and artist  based in London & Dorset.

She  trained under Jill Purce, a renowned voice teacher who pioneered the international sound healing movement; Michael Ormiston, the UK's most experienced Mongolian Khöömii (Overtone) singer and therapeutic sound practitioner and Sheila Whittaker, a classical musician, sound healer & gongmaster.

As well as her formal training, she grew up in a culture of healing sound and yogic philosophies and  has developed a full appreciation of how enriching these practices are, and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience.

Her healing and creative work focuses on inhabiting or drawing upon the subconscious to heal the mind and body and connecting with instinctive creativity. 


'The conscious mind is just the tip of our potential, our 'under the surface' subconscious mind is where our true power resides, this is where our creativity lives, where change happens and healing occurs'



B.A Hons Fine Art/ Art History

PCGE Teaching

PGCE Counselling & Guidance

Gong Practitioner Training

200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Vedic Chanting Training

Khoomi Overtone Training

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